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Ventura County Criminal Defense Lawyers | California Misdemeanors, Petty Theft & Property Crimes

One of our goals in representing defendants charged with serious crimes is to negotiate to a misdemeanor guilty plea whenever the evidence in the case indicates that trial on the original charges presents an unacceptable risk of a guilty verdict. We also defend clients on charges originally charged as misdemeanors, which in some situations, as in excessive traffic tickets, can themselves present harsh consequences for the defendant. For further information about our misdemeanor defense services, contact a Southern California criminal defense attorney at Bamieh & Erickson, PLC in Ventura.

California Criminal Attorneys - California Defense Lawyers

When you or a loved one is charged with a crime, dealing with the legal system can be overwhelming, frustrating and frightening, particularly if multiple, serious charges are filed. Having an experienced criminal attorney represent your rights at every stage of the legal process can dramatically affect the outcome of your case.

YouTube - ‪Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys, Orlando Auto, Car Accident Lawyer‬‏

Car AccidentsAttention Car Accident Victims: You have rights after an accident.

The Florida No-Fault Law (also known as PIP) applies to anyone who is a pedestrian and anyone operating, while a passenger in, or getting in or out of a car or truck. As a result, there is usually a readily available source of money to pay your medical bills and lost wages after a crash. However, if PIP is applicable to your car or truck accident, and in Florida it usually is applicable, you have the right to seek compensation for your injury in court by proving a permanent injury to your body has occurred. A permanent injury can be proven by testimony from your treating physician, showing the loss of a limb, loss of eyesight, scarring or any other permanent loss of an important bodily function. Wrongful death cases are discussed below and special laws and time limits apply to them.

Student takes lawyer Cheney Mason's murder-case dare seriously - Orlando Sentinel

A surveillance video captured Serrano at an Atlanta hotel the day of the murders.

During the 2006 trial, the prosecution explained Serrano's complicated murder plot, which involved his buying airline tickets under three names from Orlando and Tampa airports so he could appear to be in Atlanta the afternoon of the slayings.

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Miami Construction Accident Attorney :: Construction Site Injuries :: North Miami Beach, Florida Construction Injury Lawyer

Construction injuries are those accidents that occur at a construction site. They can occur from machinery malfunctions, handling heavy or awkward loads, making repetitive movements, to name just a few. Injuries vary widely and can affect any part of the body including the neck, back, wrists (carpal tunnel), shoulders, knees, feet, etc. As with all types of injuries, the most important thing to do is to report any injuries you may suffer on the construction site directly to your supervisor as soon as possible so that a Notice of Injury can be filed. Even if you don't need immediate medical attention, your accident should be reported immediately. An injured worker has 30 days to report an accident but the earlier it is reported the better. That way if medical attention is required later, you have met the reporting requirements and should not be denied treatment.

Construction Injury Attorney

In the workplace, accidents are unavoidable, most especially in an environment such as a construction site. According to AOL Jobs, construction workers have a fatality rate of 35 out of every 100,000, as of the year 2006.

As the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, in the state ofalone, there are more than 7 million workers in the construction industry as of the same year. As many other sources say, most men brave the dangers of construction jobs, because the pay is much higher per hour as compared to other occupations. However, if you suddenly become unlucky and encounter a mishap at your site, what should you do?